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Give Your Home A Sparkling New Look This Diwali With A Personal Loan

You can simply use the personal loan calculator to determine affordable EMIs and select the right tenor accordingly.

Give Your Home A Sparkling New Look This Diwali With A Personal Loan

Every Diwali, you buy new outfits for yourself and your family, invest in gold for your future and buy gifts for friends and relatives. So, why not give your home a dazzling makeover too? Home renovation not only makes your home visually appealing, but also adds to the comfort it offers and increases its worth. However, remodelling expenses can run into several lakhs, which can often be beyond one's budget. Fortunately, with a personal loan for home renovation, you can give your home a sparkling new look without any financial stress.

Take a closer look at how you can renovate your home this Diwali using such a personal loan.

Spruce up your kitchen

With guests frequenting your home during Diwali, serving up delicious food is a given. However, to enhance your efficiency in the kitchen, you can switch to smart fittings and a modular cooking range. Choose vanity sinks, vintage drawers or cabinets, and brass fixtures for aesthetics and functionality. Invest in your kitchen's countertops and make them ergonomic and easy to work on. Buy a dishwasher and a powerful exhaust chimney to maintain hygiene too. You can also invest in cookware that doubles up as serving ware, as well as a range of festive crockery and cutlery.

Light up your home

Diwali is rightfully regarded as the festival of lights, and you can take the theme to heart by lighting up your interiors smartly. No matter whether your home's design theme is all about monochrome minimalism or baroque luxury, you can find chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, lanterns, hanging pendant lights and floor lamps to match. What's more, you can replace your old electrical fixtures with smart lights that you can control with your smartphone!

Upgrade your home appliances

Apart from buying all new furniture and upholstery for the rooms in your home, also consider giving your appliances an upgrade. From smart TVs and refrigerators to dishwashers, inverter ACs and a powerful washing machine, you can finance your home renovation with a personal loan in combination with seasonal discounts to purchase appliances will make chores easier for you not only during the busy festive season, but all year round.

Landscape your garden

If you have always wanted to turn the grounds attached to your home into a garden, use funds from the loan to do now. You can create a stone pathway leading to your garden and even add a small garage for your car. Gazebo or garden furniture will further complete the look along with a plethora of plants. Not only will this add to the appeal of your home, but also give you more space to entertain guests this festive season. To make the best use of the space, consider hiring a landscaper.

To make these changes and others that you have on your list, be it repainting the entire home exteriors and interiors, redoing the washrooms, or adding another wing, choose a feature-rich personal loan. When scouting for the right personal loan for home renovation, look for a lender that offers usage flexibility and ease of repayment too. Bajaj Finserv is one such reputed lender that offers a hefty sanction of up to Rs 25 lakh quickly, and at competitive personal loan interest rates. To make repayment easy, it allows you to repay your loan over a flexible tenor ranging up to 60 months. You can simply use the personal loan calculator to determine affordable EMIs and select the right tenor accordingly.

In addition, you can also avail a flexi personal loan. This facility allows you to make multiple withdrawals to meet renovation expenses in phases, and pay interest only on the utilised amount. You can also manage your cash flow better by paying interest-only EMIs throughout the tenor and repaying the principal at the end.

To kickstart your home renovation plans without further delay, be sure to check your pre-approved personal loan offer from Bajaj Finserv first. Get a deal that matches your needs and access funds instantly this Diwali!

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