This Article is From Nov 22, 2012

GE to roll out 30 made-in-India products; to scale up sourcing

GE to roll out 30 made-in-India products; to scale up sourcing

GE plans to roll out over the next three years in India 30 new products in the energy and healthcare space to be developed in this country, where it is also looking to significantly enhance sourcing, a key company official said today.

Gopichand Katragadda, who leads GE's India technology team of about 6,000 engineers and scientists, said the company has launched 30 products in India in the last two years and is looking to introduce a similar number by 2015.

He said 20 per cent of this 6,000 workforce would be engaged in India-specific programmes.

"We have about 30 products which we have developed for the India market", he told reporters here, adding that 30 more would be launched in the next three years.

GE is doing "more and more" localisation in India, and "We would like to do that much more", Katragadda said. The company is looking to source large castings and forgings for which it sees "big need".

While new products would be launched in India, "effort is also to buy things here (in India) for the globe (GE's global operations)", he said. GE's approach to emerging markets like India is "buy as much as you sell".

Katragadda said GE is keen to participate in the (anticipated) tender for delivering diesel locomotives to
Indian Railways and is looking forward for the announcement of expression of interest.

He said GE India technology team designed the locomotives for the UK market, and also meant for Indonesia to be delivered in January. The team has also developed "right kind of processes and efforts" to reduce development time.

The expectation is that India needs 1,000 locomotives (long-distance freight and passenger) over the next 10 years. On the healthcare side, GE would like to get into developing large equipment such as CT (computed tomography), he said.

Over the last decade, the work done by inventors at the GE India Technology Centre has resulted in over 1,850 patents being filed by the parent General Electric company, Katragadda said.

In addition to work in the area of fundamental research, the GE India technology team develops technologies for GE Power & Water, Oil & Gas, Energy Management, Aviation, Healthcare and Transportation, officials said.