Dispute Over Completion Certificate To Supertech's Project

Dispute Over Completion Certificate To Supertech's Project

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New Delhi: The fate of hundreds of flat buyers of Supertech in Greater Noida hangs in the balance as the builder and the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) clash over the issue of completion certificate for the project.

The Authority (YEIDA) has cancelled the building map of Supertech's first phase of the 100-acre township project 'Upcountry', saying it was submitted as per the building by-laws of 2010, which provided for 40 per cent of ground coverage.

According to YEIDA, the map should have been according the 2009 building by-laws which allow only 25 per cent of ground coverage.

Apparently, the building plan was initially approved in 2011 on the basis of a recommendatory letter purportedly from a senior Uttar Pradesh government official, whose authenticity has come into question and the matter is being probed.

The builder, on the other hand, argues that since the project was sanctioned in 2011, it could not apply as per the by-laws of 2009.

"The building map for part completion of the project has been cancelled," YEIDA chief executive officer Arun Vir Singh told PTI.

"The building map submitted by Supertech in October 2015 was not as per the Uttar Pradesh government's building by-laws of 2009," he said.

The CEO said the Authority had received a letter in 2011, purportedly signed by Alok Kumar, Secretary, Industrial Development in the Uttar Pradesh government, recommending that the benefit of building by-laws of 2010 be given to Supertech as construction work had not started in the project.

"We have been informed that this letter was not issued under the reference number mentioned on it. Therefore, we have ordered an internal inquiry to find out the truth. The state Industrial Development Department is also looking into this matter," Mr Singh said.

"We have not scrapped the project. Investors are safe," he said, adding that if the company applies as per 2009 by-laws, the completion certificate would be issued immediately.

Supertech chairman R K Arora said the plot was allotted in June 2010 and was registered in August 2010.

"We applied for building plan approval and it was sanctioned in October 2011 as per the 2010 building by-laws regulation."

"When we applied for completion certificate last year, at that time the authority said the approval had been given wrongly. We were told to revise the building plan as per 2009 bye laws," Mr Arora said.

With regard to the letter, he said the company has nothing to do with it and it was between Authority and the UP government. "We are in no way connected with this letter. This is between the two departments," Mr Arora said.

He said the company has approached the government to resolve the matter.

Last month, Supertech was asked to seal over 1,000 units at a housing project in Greater Noida by local authority GNIDA for allegedly constructing them without approval.

In April 2014, the Allahabad High Court had ordered demolition of the company's two 40-storey towers in a Noida housing project. Supertech has challenged the order in the apex court.