Coal India Largest Recruiter at IIT Kharagpur: Report

Coal India Largest Recruiter at IIT Kharagpur: Report
Kolkata: With 31 job offers, Coal India was the largest recruiter at the IIT Kharagpur campus this season, officials said.

In the first phase of placements, 1,220 offers were made by 282 recruiters, of which more than 1,100 students accepted the job offers.

"Coal India made the highest number of offers standing at 31 while the Department of Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering had the maximum number of placements with 155 students placed," an IIT official said.

Altogether 32 international offers were made by Google, Oracle, Deloitte, Microsoft, Toyota, VISA, among others. Apart from American firms, companies also recruited for Japan and Taiwan.

Core engineering was at the focus this year as close to 400 offers were made by 85 companies in the sector.

Among the top recruiters in core were Coal India, CartHero, Cypress Semiconductor, Innoplexus, John Deere, Ola, Mentor Graphics, Reliance Industries, Tata Steel, all making offers in double digits.

34 start-ups also made a beeline at the premier engineering institute making 138 offers.

An IIT Kharagpur student had disclosed directly before the media that he bagged an annual package of Rs 2 crore from Google after finishing internship.

The IITs have already decided not to reveal any pay package figures from this placement season following complaints of peer and parental pressure on students.