China launches probe against Premier Wen

China launches probe against Premier Wen

China's ruling Communist Party has launched an internal inquiry into allegations that Premier Wen Jiabao amassed $2.7 billion, after he himself asked for a probe to clear his name, according to a report today.

Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported today that Wen himself sought a probe against the allegations made by the New York Times recently that his family has amassed a huge wealth during his 10-year tenure.

According to the report, Wen asked for the probe in a letter to the Politburo Standing Committee - the party's top decision-making body of which he is also a member to clear his name at the last meeting of the outgoing leadership.

"The Standing Committee had agreed to his (Wen's) request," the Post said.

There was no confirmation about the veracity of the report published ahead of the November 8 Party Congress which would choose a new set of leaders to succeed President Hu Jintao, Wen and others who would retire by the end of this year.

Wen's family as well as the Chinese Foreign Ministry has already rejected the NYT report terming it as smear campaign.