This Article is From Feb 19, 2013

Azim Premji to commit more of his wealth to philanthropy

Azim Premji to commit more of his wealth to philanthropy

Wipro Chairman Azim Premji today said that he will commit more of his wealth to philanthropy, as his Foundation scales up work to improve equity and quality of the primary education system in the country.

The business tycoon, who is also the chairman of Azim Premji Foundation, has donated 8.7 per cent of the total stock of Wipro from his personal stock-holding for philanthropy in 2010.

In a letter for the first international "Giving Pledge" group, he said that the Foundation currently has 800 people spread across the country and most of them are working for the betterment of some of the most disadvantaged regions of the country and others at the Azim Premji University. "The Foundation plans to scale up to 4000-5000 people over the next five years," Mr Premji said.

"I strongly believe that those of us who are privileged to have wealth should contribute significantly to try and create a better world for the millions, who are far less privileged. I will continue to act on this belief," Mr Premji added.