Are Multinationals Enthusiastic About Bitcoin? These 5 Major Companies Are Exploring The Cryptocurrency Frontier

Cryptocurrencies have begun to gain acceptance worldwide as alternate modes of payment to fiat currency

Are Multinationals Enthusiastic About Bitcoin? These 5 Major Companies Are Exploring The Cryptocurrency Frontier

Several multinationals are warming up to the idea of accepting cryptocurrencies

For a long time, the idea of cryptocurrency gaining any kind of value and importance in the mainstream market and with multinational corporations would have been considered a laughable idea. However, over the last few months particularly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world markets have begun to see potential in the digital currency that was once considered to be extremely volatile and fringe to be accepted by any serious corporate entity and businesses. Now, several companies have begun to accept cryptocurrency particularly Bitcoin which is the most popular cryptocurrency as their alternate mode for payment.

Here are a few top multinational companies that accept Bitcoin:


If you want to top up your Microsoft account, you can do it through Bitcoin. The Redmond, Washington-based company accepts the cryptocurrency as payment. In 2014, the company announced that it would accept Bitcoin as a method of payment at Xbox and Windows online stores. In 2016, there was a false alarm that the company would drop support for payments via Bitcoin from the Microsoft Store. However, the company stated that the information was inaccurate.

AMC Theatres

The biggest chain of movie theatres in the US joined the growing number of businesses that have started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment earlier this month. AMC Theatres will start accepting Bitcoin for tickets purchased online by the end of 2021.


Shopify, the multinational e-commerce company, accepts Bitcoin as payment for its services. On its website, the online store has listed four cryptocurrency payment providers as “alternative payment methods” — Coinbase, BitPay, GoCoin, and CoinPayments. Apart from Bitcoin, the e-commerce company also accepts Ethereum and Litecoin among others.

Virgin Galactic

The company owned by British billionaire Sir Richard Branson has long accepted Bitcoin as a form of payment for space tourists. On November 22, 2013, the company had accepted its first Bitcoin payment from a flight attendant in Hawaii.


You can make donations to the “Free Encyclopedia” using Bitcoin. This was announced by the Wikimedia Foundation that owns and curates Wikipedia through an official blog in 2014.