Popular Airtel Recharge Plans: What You Get In Rs 149, Rs 199, Rs 349, Rs 399

Airtel prepaid recharge plans provide customers with a number of options.

Popular Airtel Recharge Plans: What You Get In Rs 149, Rs 199, Rs 349, Rs 399

In prepaid recharge pack priced at Rs 149, the firm offers "unlimited Airtel calls + 2GB data."

Amid high competition in the telecom sector, Bharti Airtel has come up with new offers for its customers. Bharti Airtel, India's largest telecom company, provides its customers with a number of options to recharge their prepaid Airtel connections. Aggressive data pricing along with free voice calling by new entrant Reliance Jio - which offers telecom services under brand name Jio - has stirred up competition in the telecom services market with the incumbent players rapidly reviewing their offerings, say some analysts. Some of Airtel's prepaid packs that provide voice and data benefits include STVs or special tariff vouchers priced at Rs. 149, Rs. 199, Rs. 349 and Rs. 399.

Here's what you get under Airtel's Rs 149, Rs 199, Rs 349 and Rs 399 packs:


Airtel Rs 149 recharge plan

In its recharge pack priced at Rs 149, Bharti Airtel offers "unlimited Airtel calls + 2GB data" with a validity of 28 days, according to its website - "Applicable only on 4G H/S (handset) & 4G SIM. T&C apply," Airtel added. That means Airtel customers using a 4G handset along with a 4G mobile SIM will be able to avail the benefits under the Rs 149 recharge plan.

Airtel Rs 199 recharge plan

Airtel's Rs 199 pack comes with calling and data benefits including 1 GB of mobile data. Valid for 28 days, the Rs 199 Airtel recharge pack includes unlimited local and STD calls, according to its website.

Airtel Rs 349 recharge plan

Airtel's recharge plan of Rs 349 includes voice and data benefits. Valid for 28 days, the Rs 349 recharge pack from Airtel includes 28 GB of data (with a daily limit of 1 GB) along with unlimited calls. Airtel's Rs 349 recharge pack comes with "unlimited local + STD calls", Airtel said on its website. Also, the 28 GB of data is available on all handsets, it noted.

Airtel Rs 399 recharge plan

airtel rs 199 rs 399 recharge airtel websiteBharti Airtel's recharge plan or recharge pack priced at Rs 399 offers unlimited calls (local and STD) as well as 70 GBs of data with a validity of 70 days to select customers. According to the Airtel website, customers using a 4G handset and a 4G SIM are offered the 70 GB along with the 70-day validity. The data of 70 GB can be used with a daily limit of 1GB, it noted. For others, the same Rs 399 recharge pack came with "Unlimited Local+STD+Roaming outgoing calls+28GB (1GB/day) for 28 days", according to the Airtel website.

Bharti Airtel is also offering additional benefits to customers subscribing to its telecom network using new 4G handsets. "The 'Offer for New 4G Handsets' is being provided by Bharti Airtel Limited to Airtel Pre-paid subscribers in India whose 4G Handset (IMEI) latched for the first time on Airtel Network," Bharti Airtel said on its website. For example, a customer with a new 4G handset recharging his or her connection with the Rs 399 pack is being offered 1 GB of data per day for 70 days. Listing the benefits offered to a customer eligible under the 'Offer for New 4G Handsets' scheme, Airtel said: "Unlimited Local + STD Calls (subject to fair usage Commercial Use policy) + 1 GB data per day (only available for 4G handsets with 4G SIM)+ for a period of seventy (70) days."

airtel rs 399 rs 149 airtel website

"For 4G Handset and 4G SIM extra 1GB Data for a period of 28 days," Airtel added.

Airtel's packs are priced differently in some states.

airtel rs 399 airtel website

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