Airbus Signs Strategic Agreement With Quest Global, Axiscades

Airbus Signs Strategic Agreement With Quest Global, Axiscades
Bengaluru: Airbus today signed a strategic agreement with QuEST Global and AXISCADES to provide a range  of critical engineering services for all Airbus aircraft programmes as tier-1 suppliers.

"Through 'Make in India' partnerships like these we have  Indian engineering expertise flying on Airbus planes," Airbus

India Presidet Srinivasan Dwarkanath told reporters here. "Outside Europe, India provides the maximum volume of  engineering services to Airbus compared to any other country,"  he added.

QuEST will provide services for the Wing and AXISCADES for the Fuselage, he said.

This is the second time that AXISCADES and QuEST have won an order for these engineering services through a competitive  bidding process after the previous contract successfully completed its term, Dwarkanath said.

Both companies operate dedicated development centres in  Bengaluru and over 500 engineers will be working across these  centres to deliver the services, he said.

QuEST and AXISCADES emerged as top choices from among seven contenders because of the unique value - cost and competency combination - they were able to demonstrate for Airbus,
Dwarkanath said.

AXISCADES Vice Chairman Sudhkar Gande said, "We are delighted to extend our collaboration with different divisions of Airbus at a time when the industry is looking at digital designs services to cut production cost and time.    

"Winning the contract again marks another milestone in our strategic partnership with Airbus. It reflects our commitment to supporting transformation through engineering solutions for our customers," QuEST Global COO Ajay A Prabhu said 

India will need over 1,600 new passenger and freighter aircraft in the next 20 years according to Airbus Global  Market Forecast.

"This growth is expected to drive demand for skills in the  fields of Engineering, Manufacturing, and Services including  maintenance & pilot training and MRO," Prabhu said.

For over 40 years, Airbus has fostered industrial cooperation to support sustainable growth of India's aviation and aerospace sector with long-term mutually beneficial partnerships, Dwarkanath said.

Through a network of over 45 Indian suppliers Airbus absorbs the best of engineering, manufacturing, and services  capabilities that India offers, he said.

More than 6,000 professionals nationwide contribute directly and indirectly to all Airbus aircraft programmes, he added. 

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