5 Reasons Why This Is The Perfect Air Conditioner For Your Home This Summer

With time, air conditioners have become more affordable and easily available just about everywhere.

5 Reasons Why This Is The Perfect Air Conditioner For Your Home This Summer

Summer can be both fun as well as painfully torturous. While on one hand, you can enjoy endless hours in a swimming pool, on the other, the heat makes everything worse. But at least there's a way around it. When you're home, you can simply forget it's summer at the touch of a button.

Air conditioners have been making summers bearable for a long time now. With time, air conditioners have become more affordable, easier on the power bills, and easily available just about everywhere.

But all that has resulted in another problem - choosing the right air conditioner for your home. If you head out to the market right now, you'll be flooded with options. There are way too many air conditioners out there, with too much jargon to swallow, let alone digest.

So how do you find the perfect air conditioner for your home? The answer can be as simple as asking a friend next door, or by doing your own research and ending up spending your money wisely on the perfect option.

Essentially, all air conditioners do the same job. But they all do it differently, and that can affect you in many ways. This is why you should be careful while selecting the perfect air conditioner for your home.

Hitachi's new air conditioners with an expandable inverter are perfect for your home. These new air conditioners are more than just the usual ACs you'll find in the market. The new Hitachi air conditioners offer a lot of powerful features that can make your summers more enjoyable and a lot less painful.

Expandable inverter AC

Hitachi's new air conditioners feature an expandable inverter. This means that whenever the ambient temperature shifts, the air conditioner can easily expand its capacity. This works extremely well when it suddenly gets too hot outside, resulting in your house getting even hotter. Expandable inverter ACs can also quickly bring down humidity levels inside your house.

Hitachi Cooling & Heating has introduced 'Hitachi Air' for a perfectly balanced and harmonious indoor air experience in its new lineup. It ensures a pleasant indoor environment by conditioning the air through five innovative technologies. An offering like no other, Hitachi Air is a combination of Fresh Air, Clean Air, Odour-free Air, Surround Air and Silent Air.

Here are the five features that make Hitachi air feel it to believe it new air conditioners perfect for your home:

1. Fresh Air: The unique Frost Wash Technology-iFresh is the secret to get fresh air indoors. This self-cleaning function washes away dust from inside the AC unit. The dew/moisture collected on the heat exchanger is converted into frost, which when melts flushes away the dust accumulated on the heat exchanger. The fan operation dries and cleans up the heat exchanger. This process reduces 93 per cent bacteria and mold, and prevents water droplets to stay inside the unit, resulting in fresh and hygienic air all the time.

2. Clean Air: With Auto Filter Cleaning Technology - iClean, a brush sweeps over the stainless steel filter automatically at regular intervals to remove and catch any dust that accumulates at the filter. This ensures clean and dust free air, power saving, low maintenance and lifelong consistent cooling by your Hitachi air-conditioner.

3. Odour-free Air: Hitachi ACs come with the innovative Soft Dry Technology, which gets activated after you turn off the AC. The T-flow fan starts after the flap is closed and runs for 3 minutes to dry up the heat exchanger. This prevents the growth of bacteria and mold inside the AC unit and gives you odour-free air every time you turn on the AC. It also enhances the performance of your AC.

4. Surround Air: Perfect airflow distribution has always been a concern for consumers. With intelligent engineering and ingenious design, Hitachi has been able to develop big flow deflectors that can move up and down by 90 degrees. The vertical air deflection and wide angle movement provides uniform cooling in every corner of the room, even cooling the blind spots right below the AC unit which other ACs usually miss.

5. Silent Air: T-Flow fan is a unique patented design of the indoor fan blower that reduces air cutting noise and gives you a silent cooling experience along with larger air throw.

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