10-day strike at Hyundai plant called off

10-day strike at Hyundai plant called off

The 10-day strike by a section of employees of Hyundai Motor India's manufacturing facility at Sriperumbudur has been called off, the company said tonight.

A decision to this effect was taken at a tri-partite meeting, which lasted for over five hours, between the
employees' union, management and the Labour Commissioner at Sriperumbudur.

A section of employess under the banner of Hyundai Motor India Employees Union, affilitated to CITU, has been on strike since October 30 pressing for various demands, including reinstatement of dismissed  employees.

The meeting was held in the presence of Commissioner of Labour B Chandra Mohan, in which the agitating workers have been asked to "withdraw the illegal disruption of work unconditionally and return to their duty from the first shift of November 9, 2012".

"The principle of no work no pay will apply to all workers who abstained from work during the said period and the workers have been advised not to indulge in any work disruption in the future and also to settle all issues through amicable discussions", the company statement said.

Besides the company said that it "had agreed to revoke the suspension of the 20 suspended workers, except 5 workers against whom a domestic inquiry will be initiated".

When asked, a union official said after the marathon meeting they have also agreed to the terms of the wage
settlement entered into between the Hyundai management and the management recognized union - United Union of Hyundai Employees" which was signed last month.

"We have accepted the agreement the management has signed with UUHE last month. Based on that our employees of about 450 people will be joining work from tomorrow by Nine am", the official told PTI.

Stating that the disruption of work did not affect the production and was normal when the employees struck work, the company said, "the management  said it shall not victimize the workers who abstained from work".

Hyundai Motor India currently has two manufacturing facilities at Sriperumbudur near here, with an annual
production of over six lakh units.