'Hindu-Americans' In Support: Trump's Campaign Chief On Indian Community Outreach

'Hindu-Americans' In Support: Trump's Campaign Chief On Indian Community Outreach

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We are "confident of a win", said Donald Trump's campaign chief Kellyanne Conway.

Washington:  Republican candidate Donald Trump will be "very respectful of India's sovereignty and customs, but is going to put an end to coddling governments across the world who repress and disrespect women," his campaign chief Kellyanne Conway told NDTV in an exclusive interview.

In a topsy turvy campaign that has arguably witnessed the most controversies in several decades, the gap between the Republican candidate and his opponent, Democrat's Hillary Clinton has narrowed in the recent days.  

A businessman seeking his first elected office, Trump has consistently trailed Clinton in the poll. His level of support has remained below 40 percent among all likely voters since the beginning of September.

The gap grew as the Republican candidate lost support among women, but he gained some of the lost ground as the Federal Bureau of Investigation began investigations again into how Mrs Clinton managed classified information while she was the US Secretary of State.

Asked about Mr Trump's outreach to Indian Americans, Ms. Conway said, "Hindu Americans want to be part of his movement".

Last month, while attending a programme held by a group calling itself the Hindu Repoublican Coalition in New Jersey, Mr Trump had told NDTV, "I have great respect for Hindus. I have so many friends that are Hindu. They are great people, amazing entrepreneurs". Asked why only Hindus, he had said, "I'll be honest, I have great respect for India. I actually have (real estate) jobs going up in India. (It's) tremendously successful. It is an amazing country."

Arguing with Hillary Clinton's convention speech reference to radical Islamic terrorists as 'determined enemies', Ms. Conway said, "they are more than determined enemies, they are savage murderers. They are doing their bidding all around the world and now on our soil, in Orlando and San Bernardino".

Elaborating on Donald Trump's foreign policy, Ms Conway said, "We are going renegotiate these awful trade deals and we are going to bring jobs back. We are putting Mexico and China on notice".

According to Ms. Conway, "the whole world should be happy to have new leadership that is tough and respects sovereignty."

Trump's campaign is confident of a win, "our chances are tremendous, we are going to win and bigger than people realize," Ms Conway told NDTV.

Blaming mainstream media for favoring Hillary Clinton, she attacked Clinton's campaign as being the one "with the insults, and not an uplifting message".

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