Prince George Got More Gifts in 2014 Than Queen

Prince George Got More Gifts in 2014 Than Queen

In this picture taken in November 2014, Prince George poses for a photograph in a courtyard at Kensington Palace, London. (Associated Press)

London:  Britain's future monarch Prince George amassed a staggering 706 gifts from royal overseas tours last year - more than seven times as many as the Queen got.

18-months-old Prince George, the youngest member of the Royal family, received 671 presents during his visit to Australia and New Zealand last spring, with the rest given to his parents - Prince William and Kate Middleton - and grandfather Prince Charles on other foreign trips, according to official figures. Queen Elizabeth II received just over 100 official gifts.

Among the more exotic items given to Prince George were a possum skin cloak, an amphibious boat, a personalised surfboard, a rocking horse, two pairs of sheepskin boots and a bike, The Telegraph reported.

The vast majority of gifts, however, were toys, books and clothes.

In Australia and New Zealand members of the public gave him 249 toys and games, 138 items of clothing, 143 books, 25 pieces of sporting equipment and 11 "household items".

He also received six "textile items", four pieces of stationary, three pictures, seven photographs, six perishable items, eight ornaments, three DVDs, three coins, four CDs, a plaque, a musical instrument, a piece of jewellery and a piece of furniture (a small wooden table).

Prince George's haul was more than the 678 gifts the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received between them.

His official gifts included a toy polo mallet from the president of Christchurch Polo Club, a personalised skateboard from the Northern Sound System studios in Australia and a sleep-suit from Qantas airlines.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the US in December, they were given 11 gifts for George, including a dressing gown from the Carlyle Hotel, where they stayed, a miniature academic gown from the University of St Andrews and a basketball shirt.

Other gifts came from the Duke's visit to Malta and the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall's visits to Canada and South America.

If the number of gifts he received in the post from members of the public and during his parents' engagements in the UK are added, the total number of presents he received is likely to go over a thousand.

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