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Karachi gang rape shocks Pakistan

Karachi:  A young woman was pulled out of her car and raped by four to five men in an upmarket area of Karachi, in an incident that has shaken the city and prompted the governor of Sindh province to order a top-level inquiry.

The Governor Ishrat-ul-Ibad ordered the Citizens Liason Police Cell to carry out an independent inquiry side by side with the police investigations after the rape was reported by Geo News and became a haunting news through the day.

The incident occurred late in the night on Sunday in the upmarket area of Clifton and the girl was held by the assailants for six hours before they left her near the Seaview beach area.

The episode also brought back haunting memories of a notorious rapist who used to prowl in the same area and was arrested last year, though mystery surrounds his whereabouts and fate now.

The victim, who is recovering at the civil hospital, has stated in her report that she was returning from a friend's birthday party late at night with another female companion when a white Toyota Corolla crashed into her car.

She was then pulled out of the car and gang raped. The victim has also provided the police with the licence number of the Corolla.

Clifton Superintendent Police (SP) Tariq Dharejo has said the license number will help them get a significant lead into the case, adding that the police was pursuing the case.

The victim's statement was recorded yesterday morning and the medical report has been completed. The police, however, is not making the report public until further details of the case emerge.

Incidentally, a notorious rapist, Ali Muhammad Hajiano, who was arrested last year after being involved in number of cases used to adopt the same modus operandi to snare his victims.

The son of an influential person, mystery surrounds the fate of Hajiano with some media reports stating that he had escaped to Dubai.

His father had reportedly said on a television channel that no one would be able to keep his son locked up for long.

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