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Terror catches US unaware: what can India learn?

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Terror has hit America 12 years after 9/11. Security agencies in the US seemed to be completely caught unaware as blasts rocked the finish line of the Boston marathon. It killed three people including an eight-year-old child and President Obama soon came on air to denounce this act of terrorism. But when bomb blasts happen in Boston, the area is cordoned off to such an extent that even now, a day after, a large part of the city is still inaccessible so that security personnel can hunt for clues. Compare that to what happens in India. Think about all the crowds, the VIPs and their entourages that stamp all over crucial evidence. Are there crucial lessons to learn from the Boston attacks? Are they a reminder that we don't have a single standard operating procedure in place? We debate on The Buck Stops Here. (Video courtesy: ABC News, Al Jazeera)