Woman Children Murdered

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'Woman Children Murdered' - 6 News Result(s)

  • Adopted Russian boy murdered by US mother: Moscow

    A woman in the US state of Texas has killed her adopted Russian son, the Kremlin's envoy for children said on Monday, outlining the latest alleged abuse of an adopted Russian child by American parents.

  • Sikh woman, three children found murdered in Belgium

    Sikh woman, three children found murdered in Belgium

    In a gruesome incident, four members of a Sikh family, including three children, have been found murdered in their home in Belgium's capital city of Brussels.

  • Woman suspected of killing five babies: German police

    Woman suspected of killing five babies: German police

    A 28-year-old woman in Germany killed her five infants shortly after giving birth to them in secret at home and in the woods, and hid their bodies because she worried her husband would leave her if she had any more children, authorities said Thursday...

  • Woman, three grandchildren murdered in Rajasthan

    A 60-year-old woman and her three grandchildren, aged between 8 and 13, were found murdered in their house in a village on the city's outskirts on Monday, police said. Police said the woman, Shravani Devi, appeared to have struggled with the unident...

  • Three women and a baby from same family killed for Rs 200

    A man and his son have been arrested for murdering four members of a family - three women and an infant - here early January over a dispute over Rs.200, police said on Monday. The man's two other sons, also involved in the crime, were arrested earlie...

  • Dutch woman hid babies' bodies in attic

    A woman has been arrested on charges of killing four of her babies and hiding their bodies in suitcases in the attic at her house in the Netherlands.Acting on information that the 25-year-old woman became pregnant several times but still had no children, police searched the house where she lives wit...