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  • Man, naked, shot as he chewed on the face of another man

    Man, naked, shot as he chewed on the face of another man

    Authorities in Miami are looking for more witnesses after a police officer fatally shot a naked man who refused to stop chewing on the face of another naked man on a busy downtown highway ramp in Miami.

  • Man strips naked at US airport to protest screening

    A man stripped naked at Portland International Airport in a novel protest against US airport security screeners, amid growing public resentment over tough security checks in the country.

  • Man in video not a cop: Police on Jarawa video

    Man in video not a cop: Police on Jarawa video

    Police today claimed that the person who was shown in a video ordering semi-naked Jarawa tribal women to dance naked in front of tourists after accepting money was not a policeman.

  • Man throws naked prostitute out of window

    Man throws naked prostitute out of window

    A Briton allegedly threw out a naked prostitute from his hotel room window in Dubai. The woman suffered injuries on her back when she fell 20 feet on to a car, it was reported here.

  • Naked driver hits 17 cars in Moscow

    A drunk and naked man lost control while driving in Moscow and smashed 17 cars, including four police vehicles, police said on Sunday.

  • Her father-in-law was beaten, paraded naked

    Her father-in-law was beaten, paraded naked

    The joy of motherhood is shrouded with the fear for life for a 24-year-old woman who has nowhere to go in her ninth month of pregnancy. Her in-laws have been ousted from their village as she married a person of a different caste. Her father in law, a mosque cleric, was beaten up and paraded naked by her parents and other villagers after she fled wi...

  • Man strips inside plane, disrupts flight

    Spanish airline Iberia says a man stripped naked on a flight bound for Germany carrying 110 passengers, causing the pilot to turn back to Madrid airport minutes after take-off."The flight took off around 7:45 p.m. Thursday and not long after a man took all his clothes off, became disruptive and then locked himself in a toilet," Iberia spokesman San...

  • Naked man arrested in New Zealand

    A man who was wandering naked in an Auckland suburb and throwing tennis balls at passing cars was arrested on Sunday.The naked man - reportedly in his 40s was seen around the Howick area by startled drivers, who phoned police in the afternoon, a police officer told the New Zealand Press Association.The man "wasn't too happy about police turning up"...

  • Google Street View photo of 'naked man' stirs debate

    Google Street View photo of 'naked man' stirs debate

    A Google Street View picture showing a nude man in the boot of a parked car in Germany has sparked debate on the internet. The picture shows the car is parked on the driveway of a house in Mannheim in southwest Germany. A dog lies nearby surrounded by the contents of the sports car's boot. The image has prompted a rash of internet speculation over ...

  • Ex-BSF man protests expulsion, marches naked with kids

    Ex-BSF man protests expulsion, marches naked with kids

    He is no soldier of fortune, but Ashok Kumar Sirohi says he wants his due. The ex-BSF constable alleged that he was ill-treated by his department and was expelled on medical grounds. Sirohi claims that he is fit and ready for his job. On Wednesday afternoon the jawan and his young kids marched naked through the heart of the city as a mark of protes...

  • Dalit man paraded naked for alleged rape

    A Dalit man's face was blackened by villagers in the Barabanki district for allegedly trying to molest a village girl. Babloo Rawat, the accused was tied to a tree and a garland of shoes was hung around his neck as a punishment for his alleged offence. He also allegedly tried to strangle her after attempting to outrage her modesty.Babloo is alleged...

  • Oz man naked, armed and up on a billboard

    A naked Australian man armed with a pistol climbed up a 10-metre-high billboard in Perth and shouted at onlookers below for nearly four hours, bringing the entire city police unit on alert.The shaven-headed man, who appeared to be in his 30s or 40s, climbed on to the advertising billboard at about 2 pm on Saturday and yelled at onlookers, while pac...

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