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'Australia Sex Scandal' - 3 News Result(s)

  • Australian army chief tells sexist soldiers to 'get out'

    Australia's army chief told troops to quit if they could not respect women, warning he would ruthlessly rid the military of misogynist men after a new sex scandal exploded.

  • Australian military embroiled in new sex scandal

    The Australian military was embroiled in another sex scandal today with 17 personnel, including officers, under investigation after "explicit and repugnant" emails and images demeaning women were uncovered.

  • New sex scandals hit Australian defence force

    The Australian military was rocked on Thursday by more sex scandals, including allegations of assault, child porn, rape and drug-dealing within its ranks. Documents obtained by Channel Seven News under the Freedom of Information Act detail what it called "ongoing, often major, breaches of discipline in Australia's armed forces".