Five things we now know after the Oscars
Written by Gitanjali Roy
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 (New Delhi)                                  
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It was a memorable show in more ways than one. The Oscars left us with the knowledge that...

If your name is Jennifer, you're in luck

Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook, Jennifer Garner was paid an aww!-inspiring tribute by husband Ben Affleck who won Best Picture for Argo, and Jennifer Aniston took fashion honours in her red Valentino.

Photo credit: AP

Charlize Theron can dance

The Snow White And The Huntsman star's secret talent was revealed as actor Channing Tatum twirled her round the Oscar stage in an early song and dance routine. Dustin Hoffman, for one, was impressed, complimenting Charlize on stage while presenting an award with her.
Photo credit: AP

Photo credit: AP

If you trip over your dress, you can count on Hugh and Bradley to help

Jennifer Lawrence fell flat on her face on the way to collect her Best Actress Oscar. Behind her, help was at hand. Bradley Cooper, her Silver Linings Playbook co-star, and Les Miserables actor Hugh Jackman both jumped to their feet and rushed over to help her up. Not that she needed them - Jen had picked herself up already.

Hugh Grant and Bradley Cooper's images was posted on Twitter

If you know The Devil Wears Prada, don't push your luck

Anne Hathaway had a close encounter with and was almost bested by The Devil who wore Prada in a movie a few years ago. Depite that, she wore a Prada dress that made her the butt of jokes this year. Lesson learned, Anne? Put that Prada down and back away from it.

Photo credit: AP

Oscar envelopes will defeat Iron Man, Miss Congeniality and the First Lady

Do they use industrial strength glue on those things? Sandra Bullock pulled a series of faces as she wrestled with her envelope, Robert Downey Jr. muttered "I'm a superhero" as he fumbled with his, and surprise special guest Michelle Obama waved away a White House aide who rushed to help when she seemed to be having trouble opening her envelope.

Photo credit: AFP

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