Treecycle Diaries

This initiative is to raise awareness about global warming and to encourage everyone to plant trees.The target is to raise a pledge for ten million trees or more.
Country of my dreams

I sat in the compartment. The door was open and as I looked out, I saw trees and rivers pass me by.

I was lost in thought about a new tryst with India.

I longed to inch along the length of India - bit by bit and experience and explore the country of my dreams- all in the hope that I might find a greener, cleaner tomorrow.

I am proud to be an Indian. Please plant for the planet.

Kanyakumari Sunrise

It was a new day. A new beginning.

I started TreeCycle as the sun showered its rays on India. I started from a place called Triveni Sangamam in Kanyakumari - it is where the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal meet.

It was indeed a visual delight and I feel so honoured to be a part of this amazing creation.

My thanks to the all powerful creator - The almighty. How great thou art ! Let us protect this creation, lets save this planet. Plant for the planet.

Kingsize Delight

At around 9:00 am (IST) on June 4, I met someone. For someone his size, he was elaborately dressed- almost as if he was walking the ramp.

He wasn't necessarily like a fashion model though. He looked a tad bit different from them. He had a long nose, big ears and rather interesting teeth, which protruded out of his mouth and most of all, he had a cute name - Ponnu.

We greeted each other in a rather unusual way - I shook my hand with his nose!

Ponnu was a trained elephant who I happened to meet at Kanyakumari. He would have scared the living day lights out of me - had I seen him in the wild. 

But here in Kanyakumari, a day before I started the TreeCycle, I met him. Hope he can tell his other brothers in this Jambudvipa to be kind to me when I inch along the forests.<br> Imagine what life would be life with out them. Please save the planet, please save the environment. Plant for the planet.

Thiruvalluvar Statue

I didn't manage to go near the statue and see the statue. It was closed for renovation.

But, I did get to see it from a distance and I loved it. It was sculpted out of a single piece of stone.

Amazing isn't it?

Source of strength

She was with me throughout - through life's thick and thin. She is the reason why I am here and she is my source of strength and support in every thing that I do.

She looked a tad bit worried on that day. She would miss me for a few days, but she thought I was doing something important. So, she didn't stop me.

Before I started the ride on June 5, she was holding my hand. In fact, I grew up holding her hand and I know she will be there for me. No matter what!

Amma is my source of strength.

Gilvester for NDTV 24x7
As I embark on my journey, I stopped on the way to share my plans for a greener tomorrow with Gilvester, the head of NDTV’s Kerala Bureau.
Gilvester (seen here) taking my interview on June 5 at Kanyakumari.
Go Green

I saw this board on the way to Trivandrum.

Way to go people - Plant for the planet - Go Green.

Kollam, here I come

The serenity of nature beckoned me as I embarked on my journey to Kollam.

On my way I was witness to the beauty of this marvellous country.


Journey Continues...

I walked along the shores against the rising tide on my way to Alleppy or Allapuzzha.


Shadow of grey
Under the shadow of a beautiful coconut tree in Alleppy.
Riding smooth
On the backwaters of Alleppy with my bike on the boat.
Energy Saver
A house boat in Aleppy fitted with a solar panel. Energy saving means lesser emissions- Way to go !
Steps to heaven
The Vivekananda memorial in Kanyakumari.
Save the Earth
A lady in a fish market on our way to Alleppy promised to plant two trees to do her two bits for Mother Earth.
Far and Wide
On the way to Alleppy.
Along the trees

Houseboats line up along the trees on the beatiful backwaters.

Waiting to be explored
Calm, serene and inviting. That's the beauty of backwaters.
For the sake of environment
Just 48 km to  Alleppy. Plant for the planet as I pedal for the planet.
Setting out early

Out fishing on a boat with fishermen.

Divine Intervention
Outside the Guruvayoor temple. Pledging to plant for the planet.
Plant for the planet
A poor man outside the Guruvayoor temple promises to plant a tree to save the planet.
Small steps
A poor man outside the Guruvayoor temple promises to plant a tree to save the planet.
Calm and sheltered
A stream on our way to Gudaloor.
Small joys
Veerasaami who sold us tea at Tantea. After travelling for hours on my treecycle journey, I was so hungry that I ended up having three cups of chai !
Reigning Kings
Passing through the Mudumalai Tiger reserve. It has the highest density of tigers in India and also has 20 per cent of Asia's elephants.
Water of the gods
Coconut water, a thirsty traveller's respite.
Shining Bright
The glory of a full bloom sunflower in the midst of vast green fields.
Standing Tall
A unique looking tree spotted on our journey for a greener tomorrow
Little Friend
I found this snail in a sugarcane field about 30 km from Mysore.
Time for a break

Taking a breather, about 20 km from Mysore.


Walk on...
A Jersy cow taking a stroll on the streets in Mysore.
Trees- our lifeline
Welcome to Bangalore - the Garden City. I hear they are planning to cut trees in Jayanagar for the Metro rail project!
Nature in all its glory
Just one of a million wonderful creations of God.
Stone Art
I discovered this massive painting on a stone in the middle of nowhere while cycling along the ghats.
United we stand

The true spirit of secular India.


Go Green
What a beautiful tree !
A national shame
Destroying the Garden City.
Criminal offence?
Another tree was just destroyed. Whoever did that should be jailed.
Spreading its wings
The beauty of green surpasses everything glorious.
Guarding the grassland
I love those horns !
Towards the \'land of Biryani\'
I was excited to see that it was just 480 kms to go to Hyderabad- the land of Biryani.
A \'green\' promise
He pledged to plant ten trees. It does not take much, but a simple resolve to do something worthwhile to save the environment.
Amidst veggies
A man selling vegetables near the Penukonda Darga.
Simply about sweets
A man selling sweets near the Penukonda Darga.
And she bought...
A lady shopping at the Penukonda Darga.
In prayer
A man dressed elaborately arrives at the Darga to pray.

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