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India's first Gadgets App

NDTV Gadgets, India's most trusted name in tech, is now available on your iOS and Android devices.

Get breaking tech news, latest reviews, opinions, analysis, videos, slideshows and more from NDTV Gadgets App—your one-stop destination for all things tech.

Follow the latest from your Gadget Gurus - Vikram Chandra and Rajiv Makhni, and you can watch all episodes of their shows on the move.

App Features

  • Get breaking news, top stories, the latest tech rumours and more.

  • Reviews and comparisons to help you buy the best gadgets.

  • Watch video reviews including the latest from Gadget Guru and Cell Guru, India's top technology shows.

  • Get News alerts and follow sections dedicated to your favourite tech brands so you never miss anything.

  • Join the NDTV Gadgets community and participate in discussion via comments.

  • Sharing via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook.