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The heat wave has started to grip parts of peninsular India covering Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra's Marathwada and Vidarbha and isolated pockets of Karnataka. Nearly 70 people have died in the last week in Odisha and Telangana.

According to the meteorological department, it's the hottest April in five years and it will get worse as the summer deepens.

Share your summer experience with us by sending us your pictures and video messages using the upload forms below. We will air the best ones on NDTV.

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Caught On Camera: A Dangerous, Melting Road In Gujarat

Pedestrians in Gujarat's Valsad had a nasty surprise waiting for them on Saturday. As they got onto this road, shoes and slippers stuck to the melting tar. Dismay written large on their faces, they struggled to free their shoes. Some retreated altogether, others gingerly braved the crossing.

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