Five Things You Do When the Internet is Down

Facebook briefly crashed on Thursday and life as we know it came to a temporary standstill (we're not exaggerating). Even as people tried and failed to put up status updates on Facebook itself (and we're sure most would put up updates about Facebook being down), #facebookdown began trending on Twitter.

But imagine a scenario when there is no internet at all. It's not that hard, it happens to all of us - the electricity goes off, it rains cats and dogs, or just some random reason makes the internet go poof. So what really happens in that situation? What do you do?

1. Emotions run havoc

A wave of mixed feelings take over you. You go from feeling disappointed, to irritated, to severely angry within seconds. You question God and his existence because you were done buffering almost 20 whole minutes of an episode of Orange is the New Black episode. What are you supposed to do now? Yeah, Crazy Eyes.

2. Troubleshoot problems, check your modem, and then bang it on the wall
You wait with bated breath for your computer to self-heal itself (if Joey's Rosetta could, your internet could too). After hitting refresh/F5 a bazillion times you accept that something is in fact wrong. You walk yourself to your internet modem and try N number of permutations and combinations, just hoping against hope the modem comes back to life. You also try the age old formula to make things work - give it a nice and worthy bang on the wall. Did it work? Probably not.

3. Check/re-organise folders for the lack or will to do anything better
When all else fails, you just resign to your fate and start other non-internet things on your computer. Reorganising folders and making new ones seems like the best past time in such a situation. Sitcoms, drama, thriller, you make a place for everything. You also accept this chore as a way to revive old memories by looking though old photos. Did I really wear my hair like that four months ago? Why did I ever date that loser?

4. Take a day off like Ferris Mueller (we mean the game, not the film)
With nothing better to do, you resign to your fate and decide to take it easy. You either start looking for that sick mule on your phone or crush that candy nice and good.

5. Deep Contemplation
This is the moment when you start thinking about life, life without internet, internet without Google, where you would have been without internet, where you could be if you weren't wasting all this time in futile brooding.

Bonus - When the internet's back
Just when you decided not to waste your life with at least five resolutions for a better tomorrow, voila, the internet is back. And thus, the frenzy begins again... How many mails do I have? How much of my show do I need to buffer? What's my favourite team's score? And on, and on... Your life as you know it is well and truly back.


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