Blog: Can score that perfect 10 in Class X without giving up on Facebook time

Blog: Can score that perfect 10 in Class X without giving up on Facebook time
Noida: Shagun Sharma, a Noida schoolgirl who scored a CGPA of 10 in the CBSE Class X exams shares her experience.

After days of nail-biting anticipation, the class 10 results were out yesterday. I scored a CGPA of 10. I was definitely expecting it as I had worked hard and had written my papers well. (Although my parents were not as confident ;-) )

I am a student of Amity International School, NOIDA. When CBSE introduced the new continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) system we were all quite worried. But our teachers and school counselors were always at hand to clear all our doubts . The school arranged for interaction sessions for parents also from time to time.

I am not a very hardworking student nor did I put in backbreaking hours on my study table. I just made sure that my concepts were clear in science and if not I made sure I asked for help from my parents and teachers. For Maths, lots of practice from sample papers and previous years papers was a great help. For Social Science, I made my mom sit with me and discuss each chapter till the dates and events were clear in my mind. (Did you also score a 10 CGPA too? Share your experience here.)

I must add that I never had to compromise on my socializing or outings or Facebook time :-). By staying cool and relaxed I could concentrate better on my studies. I would like to thank my parents who practically led me to success. They were never overbearing but were always there with whatever support I required. They employed the "Reward Approach" rather than pushing me day in and day out. And believe me it really helped - I bought that really great Smart Phone I had always wanted immediately after the results were out.

CCE is not as tough as it sounds. We had to do a lot of project work. But if we are regular and sincere in completing it, it can get you good scores. The key is in timely submission of assignments and work. My school also provided excellent opportunities for extracurricular activities, which not only gave us a great exposure but also added to our score. And it makes going to school fun.

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