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UN-HABITAT and its Water and Sanitation programme

UN-Habitat is the coordinating agency within the United Nations System for human settlements activities and focal point for the monitoring, evaluation and implementation of the Habitat Agenda, as well as the task manager of the human settlements chapter of Agenda 21 and responsible for promoting and consolidating collaboration with all partners, including local authorities and private and non-Governmental organizations in the implementation of the Habitat Agenda and the Millennium Development Goals of significantly improving the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers by the year 2020.

UN-HABITAT’s Water and Sanitation programme aims to reduce by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water by 2015.

The main focus of the programme is improving delivery of water and sanitation in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Carribbeans through its regional programmes, Water for African Cities, Water for Asian Cities Programme and Water for Cities Programme in LAC countries and promoting policy dialogue, information exchange, water education and raising awareness.

It also monitors progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goal targets on improving access to safe water , sanitation and undertakes replicable model-setting initiatives, notably the Lake Victoria Region Water and Sanitation and Mekong Regional Water and Sanitation initiatives. 

The development objective of the programme is to support developing countries to achieve sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation for the poor in urban areas. 

The goals of the programme in Asia are to:

  • Enhance awareness of water and sanitation issues and encourage the application of guide documents, norms, standards and toolkits by the water and sanitation sector and UN-HABITAT partners.
  • Form strategic partnerships among key water and sanitation stakeholders, these include the United Nations, development banks, donors, urban centres, utilities, non-governmental organizations, and communities to promote increasing levels of investment in UN-HABITAT programmes
  • Train water and sanitation sector stakeholders to enable them to develop, provide and manage improved water and sanitation services
  • Encourage water and sanitation institutions in participating countries to replicate local initiatives as a consequence of increased investment flows and with the involvement of local communities.
  • Work with water and sanitation institutions in participating countries to develop enhanced capacity to track progress towards internationally agreed targets based on improved information systems and enhanced monitoring frameworks.

The UN-HABITAT Water and Sanitation Programme in Asia, in partnership with Coca-Cola is currently in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. UN-HABITAT is partnering with Coca-Cola in Laos, Vietnem and Cambodia. The partnership with Coca-Cola is now global with involvement in Africa as well as in LAC Region.

Role of UN HABITAT in the Support my School Campaign

  • Help as Knowledge partner
  • Provide content on water and sanitation
  • Model of Watsan Classrooms
  • Value based education –support and follow up
  • Provide part of the funding for either the campaign and implementation or only for implementation

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