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Support My School celebrates the completion of the 100th School

The intervention in each of the schools targeted was designed to convert the schools in healthy and active schools. The elements that were sought to be added in the schools were:

  • Improved access to water
  • Sanitation facility for girls and boys
  • Providing playgrounds and sports equipment
  • Rainwater harvesting project
  • Developing the environment in the school campus
  • Library and teacher training – Pearson Foundation
  • Computer center and internet – Tata Teleservices Limited

    Pearson Foundation joined the campaign as a partner in July 2011 to develop and implement a strategic pillar of the campaign i.e. setting up library and to conduct teacher training. Tata Teleservices Limited joined the campaign in October 2011 through it's project Learning to help set up Computer Centers and Internet in targeted schools, which did not have any.

    100th SCHOOL

    In June 2012, the campaign finally reached the 100 school mark with revitalization of a school in Mumbai. The school was dedicated to the community by Sachin Tendulkar, the campaign ambassador himself. The celebrations amongst the children in this school reflected the joy of 43000 children impacted under this campaign. With completion of all elements of the campaign, these thousands of children began their new academic year in healthy and active schools. Following assets were created in the 101 schools finally covered under Season 1 of the campaign

  • 640 urinals and 301 toilets for boys & girls
  • 99 RWH structures installed (storage tank & groundwater recharge)
  • 359 water drinking points
  • 69 water filters with a capacity of 1000-2000 litres
  • 35 bore-wells/ 25 submersible pumps
  • 11,200 flowering plants/tress/hedges
  • 201 swings/slides & see-saws
  • 101 schools with Libraries Transformed 101 schools & nearly 42,000 students across 13 states

    Source: Data from preliminary field report of CAF India

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