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With the second season of Support My School campaign we aspire to make a difference to at least 100 schools across India.

This season, we aim to work with schools in Visakhapatnam, Palakkad, Chennai, Jaipur, Nagpur, Jabaplur, Guwahati (Amri), Lucknow, Faizabad, Varanasi, Patna and Hyderabad.

Daruthenga U.P. School, Daruthenga, Khurda district

Target Beneficiaries: 202 (110 boys and 92 girls), 6 staff, Upto standard VIII

Access to water: Only 1 tube well is functional in the school premise which does not have proper drainage or soak pit. There is water logging in the periphery of tube well which disfigures the school environment.

There is need for installing a deep tubewell with overhead tank to maintain greenery of the school. A filtration system will be provided in the school. The filter to be used is Terafil of 500 litres capacity, which has been developed by the Central govt. Institute of Minerals and Metals in Bhubaneswar.

Rain Water Harvesting System: Geographical nature of the area is hilly, there is a need for tapping rain water resource through RWWS.

To create a concrete structure to store rain water safely.

Toilets: Toilet is located in an unsuitable place detached from the school premises.

Construction of child friendly toilet for boys & girls separately are required- 6 urinals (2 for girls and 2 boys). Construction of user friendly toilet especially for girl student closure to the school premises.

To develop drainage system for utilizing used water for plantation.

Sports: There is limited stock of sport materials in the school.

Needful play materials according to choices of children. Games/sports like cricket, football, volley ball, ring ball, and badminton, will be provided in the school and all of these involve physical activity. The games have been proposed keeping in view availability of Physical Education teacher and the size of the play ground available.

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