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Ranbir Kapoor

I am always up for right endeavors which come from a positive head space. And I think marks for sports has truly come from there, from Mr Jain, Dr Roy and everybody you know from NDTV. I would do anything, you would ask me to you know go behind and kiss your cameraman right now I would do that also.

Milind Soman

I think city based fitness is a great start because one thing that needs to be done is there has to be a cultural shift. You know Indian are not used to exercise, the are not used to traiining,they are not used to sport. So this wil give them something to train for, some goal whether itsto be proud of their own city or to be proud of their own health. Or incentive's in many many different ways. There needs to be specially for Indian an incentives to do something other than health. So this is a great goal, its a great challenge for every city.

Mahesh Bhupathi

I think she is in a great position right now. Either way she looks, she is going to be a fairly fit kid. you know obviously I would love to try and put a tennis racket in her hand, but you know that is far way off and we'll see how it goes. We have got so many academies all across the country so having me there is going to put some additional pressure on her.

Vijender singh

It is my pleasure that I have been associated with such a big campaign like Marks For Sports. I have been with the campaign since it was started and I would want to be associated with it till it goes on.

Vishwanathan Anand

I would get chess into a lot more schools or say marks for sports.

Arjun Rampal

My fitness mantra is that fitness should be a neccessity. How you breathe how you eat you know these are neccesities. So look at fitness as a neccessity and give yourself an hour everyday and you'll be good.

Ashish Ballal

I think reduce one exercise that your hand to mouth exercise.

Saina Nehwal

Train everyday thats all I eat trainning, I sleep trainning. I do anything but trainning is very imporatant for me.

Pankaj Advani

Workout and don’t stress out. Simple.

Vijender Singh

Jo meri diet hai I think wo hi meri fitness ka sabse acha raaz hai because main jo khata hoon natural hata hoon. Aur upar se boxing mera fitness ka sabse acha mantra hai. Jitne khata hoon use zyada boxing aur trainning mein burn karta hoon.

Dharmesh Jain

I do believe that whatever little I have achieved in life is because of sports and the discipline it has brought to me. I believe that in today's world fitness is as important as other subjects for which marks are given. Our children deserve to be fit and deserve to enjoy life, please give marks for sports.

Ajay Maken

Taking a cue from NDTV and Nirmal's campaign, we are going to come up with our recommendation to the education ministry and state government very soon. What we are saying is don't give Marks for Sports as such, give marks for physical fitness of a child. So physical fitness is something that is measureable. You cannot measure sports, you cannot compare boxing with wrestling or boxing with cricket. So the best thing to do is measure the physical fitness of a child and it should be gender specific, it should be age specific and it should be district or locality specific also.

Dr Prannoy Roy

Even to score well in the 10 subjects you got to be fit. Ask Viswanathan Anand how much exercise he does to be good at chess. to be fit in your mind you have to be fit in your body. They are very closely related, you will not sacrifice anything, it will enhance your marks in those 10 if you are fit person.

Virendra Sehwag

It will be Gautam Gambhir... definitely not me, If I do it then I will get a lot of offers from Bollywood.
(In reply to: If somebody had to take his shirt off from the Indian team, who would it be?)

Gwen Stefani

There is no secret: You just have to eat healthy, work out, and torture yourself!

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