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(An Initiative under the NDTV-Nirmal Fit India Movement)
I pledge the support of * (school name and city) to the 'Fittest City' contest as part of the NDTV- Nirmal Fit India Movement. I wish to enroll my school for the fitness assessment drive for children to be conducted by campaign partners- EduSports, India's largest school sports company. The school's participation in this drive is entirely voluntary and I accept all the inherent risks herein. I allow the use of the data collected as a part of the assessment drive for marketing and research purposes by NDTV and EduSports.
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(Only schools in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bangalore,
Kolkata and Hyderabad are eligible to participate.)
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You can also mail across the hard copy to Mr. Venkat Mandalam, EduSports, 1611- Janarthan Towers, 7th Cross, HSR Layout-Sector 1, Agara Post, Bangalore- 560102


1. Outdoor area of at least 1500 sq.ft. (50 feet by 30 feet dimensions)
2. Level and non-slippery surface (mud surface) that can be marked using POP or chalk powder
3. Flexibility in the time-table and/or school timings to schedule the assessments with the optimal use of time and resources
4. Help and support from the teachers, mainly in controlling and organizing the children and allotting roll numbers
5. Water for the participating children
6. Information about children with breathing difficulties and any kind of sickness. These children will be exempted from the fitness assessment
7. Information if any of the kids are suffering from any illness on the day of the assessments. These children will be exempted from the assessments
8. Provide and manage transportation in cases where the school is using a ground outside the school campus

Your Take

This year, our focus will be on the fittest city. Vote for your favourite city here and tell us why it should be on the top

Campaign Ambassador

We are supported in this campaign by Ranbir Kapoor who has pledged his support for the cause.
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