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Fitness Questionnaire

Personal Details
Name City
Weight Height (in cms)
Lifestyle Habits
1. How many meals do you have in a day?
2 3
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6 2 hourly
2. How often do you indulge in unhealthy eating in a day . For eg - junk food & food items with a high concentration of salt, sugar or fat
Morning and Evening Several times a day
You Scored

Once between meals Never
3. Do you smoke?
Yes No
You Scored

4. How many in 24 hrs?
None Less than 8 a day
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8-14 cigarettes a day Over 14 a day
5. Do you drink alcohol?
Yes No
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6. How often?
Never More than twice a week
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Habitual Once- twice in a week
7. Consumption amount each time?
Not at all 1 peg
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2 pegs Over 3 pegs
8. How much water do you drink in a day?
Less than 3 glasses a day 3-6 glasses a day
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6-12 glasses a day Over 12 glasses a day
9. Do you have aerated drinks or artificial juices?
Yes No
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10. Do you eat gutkha?
Yes No
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Physical Activity
1. What kind of Lifestyle do you lead?
Sedentary Moderate
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Active Very active
2. Do you exercise?
Yes No
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3. If no, why?
Laziness No time
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I do Health impediment
4. Are you involved in any of the following activities?
Sports Dance
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Yoga Gym
Any Other  
5. Duration of the activity?
Everyday Alternate days
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6. What is the duration of above activity?
10-15 minutes 1/2 hour- 1 hour
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2 hours Over 2 hours
7. How many hours do you sleep in a day?
Less than 6 hours 6 hours
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8 hours More than 8 hours

Our Expert

  • Bio for author: Deanne Panday is one of the country’s foremost fitness trainers. She has been shaping up some of the country's hottest, most successful, and fittest people for the past fifteen years. Deanne has written for Femina, Midday, The Times of India, DNA, Vogue, etc. Deanne set up some of India’s finest gyms and even ran Play, a studio with every high-end fitness facility available. She launched Biabrazil, a top lifestyle gear for women and has also helped create Bipasha Basu’s line of fitness DVDs. Now, Deanne is ready to write her first book on stress. And going by her track record, this Indira Excellence Award winner is about to knock your socks off once again.
Deanne Pandey
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