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Once you are fit you look good. So you don't have to achieve a particular size. You just need to have a bench mark so that you keep trying.
-Bipasha Basu

We are focusing on the kids for Marks for Sports in schools but it is parents who really need to be involved in sports and fitness. I think The Fittest City Contest will get parents involved as well.
-Baichung Bhuttia

I suggested the Sports Minister that we should make Yoga mandatory in govt schools. You don’t need a big ground for it. So wherever there is a dearth of space Yoga can be incorporated.
-Dia Mirza

Fitness means one of the top three most important things in my life. The other two being food and my parents.
-Sania Mirza

Indian Stars

Blog: Yuki Bhambri

It is very heartening to note that someone has started recognising sports as an equal to the varied number of subjects we study. Getting marks for one's performance in any Sports will encourage both the players and the parents to try and excel even further and reach heights not yet attained.

We have seen a very encouraging result in both the Commonwealth and the Asian Games this year. The need of the hour is the support of our teachers, media, government and the corporate institutions. We have the talent and the will - just the support is lacking. But this campaign is a positive beginning to a much needed change and I fully support Marks for Sports.

How Tennis made my life

I have been playing tennis since I was five years old, so i cannot say it changed my life because I have never had a life without it. Yes, I do believe it has made my life. Now at the age of 18 years when I see my friends discussing what subjects they are going to take in College and what their prospects would be after doing a certain course, discussing the merits and demerits of the varied number of courses offered at College and the tension of which College they would be able to get into, I feel distant and carefree from these tensions.

Though for me the situation is much tougher, I have to be extremely disciplined - i have to watch what I eat, time I go to sleep, warm up well before I go and train and then cool down before i go home, drink lots of water etc. etc.

I have already chosen my career and am working hard to do well in it, of course there is no set course and there is no guarantee that I will achieve my goals but at least I know where I am heading and it is not a blind path.

Of course, one misses going out to parties and movies on weekends with friends and relatives but then one gets to see the whole World if you are in a sport. You get to make friends with people all over the world and visit many fun places such as Disney World that one only sees on TV or reads about. I think travelling around the World gives one a more open perspective and tolerance towards different religion and people and makes one think of the World as a whole and not each country for itself.

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This year, our focus will be on the fittest city. Vote for your favourite city here and tell us why it should be on the top

Campaign Ambassador

We are supported in this campaign by Ranbir Kapoor who has pledged his support for the cause.
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