Mamata Banerjee Compares PM Narendra Modi To Ravana, Mocks CBI

Mamata Banerjee Compares PM Narendra Modi To Ravana, Mocks CBI

Mamata Banerjee mocked the CBI as the Conspiracy Bureau of Investigation controlled by the PM.

Kolkata:  West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee hit the streets once again on Wednesday against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's notes ban decision and addressed protesters right outside the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) office in Kolkata. In her latest no-holds-barred offensive, she compared the PM to Ravana.

In his campaign ahead of the 2014 national election, PM Modi had often used the term "56-inch chest" to tell voters he would be a stronger Prime Minister than his predecessor Manmohan Singh.

"They keep boasting about his broad chest. Let's not forget that even Ravana had a very broad chest," Ms Banerjee quipped, addressing her Trinamool Party supporters.

"BJP leaders are saying that the 2,000 note will be cancelled soon. Let's cancel Modi first, then we'll think about the note," said the outspoken Chief Minister.

She said there were leaders in the BJP who were afraid too. "They are waiting for the Uttar Pradesh election results to speak up," she said on the elections in five states including UP from February 4.

Ms Banerjee mocked the CBI as the "Conspiracy Bureau of Investigation controlled by the Prime Minister".

The Chief Minister has alleged that the investigating agency is being used to target her party leaders in "politics of revenge" over her aggressive campaign against demonetization. Two lawmakers, Sudip Bandyopadhya and Tapas Pal, were arrested recently in connection with a chit fund scam.

"We are Trinamool Congress. Trinamool is not scared of rats, we can fight tigers," the Chief Minister thundered.

Earlier in the day, the Trinamool lawmaker from Hooghly, Kalyan Banerjee, had kicked up a storm by using derogatory language against the Prime Minister. While talking about the 2019 elections, Mr. Banerjee said, "The day is not far when you have to return to Gujarat like a rat."

The BJP has hit out at the Trinamool for the language used against the PM. West Bengal BJP Vice-President said, "This smacks of the Trinamool's desperation due to their deep rooted corruption. That is why they cannot control their language and the filth is coming out."

On Tuesday, the BJP had accused Ms Banerjee of opposing the notes ban because of her own problems. "The problem for them is that many of her leaders are stuck in these scams and their corruption is going to be exposed," said Kailash Vijayavargiya.

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