Rajnath Singh has ability to bring people together, says Advani: Highlights

Rajnath Singh has ability to bring people together, says Advani: Highlights
New Delhi:  Outgoing BJP chief Nitin Gadkari and LK Advani today addressed the media after the appointment of Rajnath Singh as the party's new president. Here are the highlights:

Nitin Gadkari

  • It was a honour to be the chief of this party.
  • That I, a grassroot worker who was a polling booth manager, who rose to this high office is only possible in the BJP.
  • Nationalism is our ideology, and through good governance we want to carry forward our work.
  • As far as the second term goes, there has been a political conspiracy to malign me in issues I am not connected to.
  • Yesterday, I felt it was a conspiracy to hurt the party by maligning  me.
  • Before everything else we must consider the welfare of the party.
  • Rajnathji was the party president before me - he will take us all together and his leadership can lead us to victory in 2014.
  • People believe that if any party can change the future of this country, it is the BJP. I request all workers and leaders to work together to ensure that we are victorious  under Mr Rajnath Singh.

L K Advani

  • I congratulate both Nitin Gadkari and Rajnath Singh.
  • Rajnath Singh, because I can say that from the beginning of the Jan Sangh - in a long political journey - there has never been a national president on whose election so many people have gathered.
  • Winning elections needs an ability to bring people together, and this he has in adequate measure.
  • They say we are an urban party, but the results have not borne that out... (Cites example of Madhya Pradesh)
  • Rajnath has focused on agricultural  issues and farmers. I'm sure he will take the party forward on these principles.
  • It is his special responsibility that there should be no compromise with anything that's not moral. Then we can live up to being the 'party with a difference'.
  • We should also resolve to win lost ground in Uttar Pradesh. Rajnath is from the state and we should strive for that.
  • (Praises Nitin Gadkari's work ethics and ability for innovation) The biggest thing that has happened in the last few days - look at news from the Congress... the biggest thing that I must congratulate Nitinji for is that he has frustrated our political opponents and this has given a fillip to our workers.

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