My daughter feels insecure in Delhi: Sheila Dikshit to NDTV

My daughter feels insecure in Delhi: Sheila Dikshit to NDTV

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New Delhi:  In an exclusive interview to NDTV on the International Women's Day, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit says her own daughter feels insecure in the Capital. Here are the highlights of her interview:

  • Statistics (crimes against women) are shocking but they are a reality. We have to face it with courage and determination
  • This is happening all around the country. This is not a competition. I don't want to get into it
  • We have look at the security and what is the society doing
  • We have to look into ourselves to find out why it is happening
  • It has  to be a collective responsibility of the media, society, officials to find a solution
  • My own daughter feels unsafe in the city
  • Whatever can be done from various organizations is being done
  • Why is it that a girl is walking on the street and someone has to tease her
  • When we went to school/college there were whistles but there was nothing of this kind
  • I am not satisfied with the law and order
  • Not satisfied with the way our social setup has looked at it
  • I wouldn't be able to judge whether security is better after December 16 or not
  • PM did respond to my letter asking for better policing
  • I hope there is better policing but better policing is not a magic wand
  • PM said that he agrees with me and it is a matter of concern
  • Foeticide is terrible problem in a city like Delhi
  • Government will do something, police will do something but it also depends on what the society thinks, on society's mindset
  • I met the Home Minister, the Chief Justice, gave suggestions to Verma Committee... But one can't put everything on the government
  • I feel concerned about law and order even though it is not under me because ours is an elected government
  • I went to Jantar Mantar to light a candle not to demand law and order but to show my solidarity with the people
  • I am not saying police reporting to Lt. General is ok or not but that is the system
  • But this does not stop us from doing what we can do within our limitations
  • We can't remove police officers but we did raise the issue of making police stations more friendly
  • Student Question: Police is not under you but public transport is under you. What is different in the department under you since December 16 happened?
    Sheila Dikshit's reply: We have setup helplines. People can call on 181 to tell us if there was no security posted in a bus or other issues.
  • (On advising women not to step up out at night) I can only advise those who listen to me. It is a free country and women have an equal right. With every right comes a responsibility. It is a personal decision for women
  • I am not a powerful chief minister (to being called a powerful chief minister)
  • Look, I may be wrong but I would say that law is very important and it is needs to be drawn up. If a law is going to be the only deterrent I am all for it but society's behavior also is a factor

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