Modi blogs to stress he condemns Gujarat riots

Modi blogs to stress he condemns Gujarat riots

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Ahmedabad:  Under continuous attack from the Congress for the last few days, both directly and obliquely - the party taking on Amitabh Bachchan for agreeing to be the brand ambassador of Gujarat Tourism -- Narendra Modi has again used his blog to answer his detractors.

The Gujarat Chief Minister, who had lashed out at the "Talibans of untouchability"  in a post on Monday, pointed out  on Tuesday that he had not named the Congress. He also said in response to the Congress asking Amitabh if he opposed the 2002 Gujarat riots, that he, Modi, too opposed them. He also attached a link to a youtube video to bolster his point.

Here is the text of the entire blog post on his website

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I had written in my blog about the new 'Talibans of untouchability.' I firmly believe that in society, there should be no place for untouchability.

From what I wrote in my blog it can be seen that I had not referred to any party or individual. Yet parties like the Congress have taken it personally and felt offended. Why has the Congress reacted in such a way as it did!!! People have to understand the reasons behind it.

I would not like to waste my time in reacting to the friends of Congress who have angrily reacted yesterday.

The Congress has asked Shri Amitabh Bachchanji whether he opposes Gujarat riots or not?

Friends, Modi himself has opposed the riots and still does. Every citizen must oppose riots.

Whether it is 1984 Delhi riots, 1992 Mumbai riots, 1985 Gujarat riots or atrocities committed in Kashmir or Godhra-related riots. There cannot be different standards to judge riots.

Friends, after the Gujarat 2002 riots I had made a statement in Vidhan Sabha in March 2002 and I wish to quote one para as sufficient evidence for those who are spreading lies day and night: "Are we not supposed to soul-search ourselves? Whether it is Godhra incident or post-Godhra it does not enhance the prestige of any decent society. These riots are a stigma on humanity and do not help anyone to hold his head high. Then why is there a difference of opinion?"

My 2002 March statement in Gujarat Assembly is enough for the world community to understand the truth.


The condemnable incident had occurred on 27 February 2002 at Godhra and in the afternoon of 28 February 2002 I had appealed publicly through Doordarshan to maintain peace. This appeal in Gujarati is now available through a video and I am placing it before you. Watch

(My appeal in Doordarshan and Akashvani was being broadcast for days together.)

Read this appeal in word to word transcript at:

Gujarati :

Read in Gujarati

Hindi :

Read in Hindi

Since then my painful appeal has not been heard by those who are bent upon defaming Gujarat nor do I foresee that it will be heard by them now.


Any unsubstantiated criticism of the land of Gandhi, Sardar can never be tolerated. Gujarat will give a befitting reply again, and again and again come what may.

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