'Mitron' And 'Achche Din' In Rahul Gandhi's Attack On PM Narendra Modi

'Mitron' And 'Achche Din' In Rahul Gandhi's Attack On PM Narendra Modi

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Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed at the Jan Vedna Sammelan at Talkatora Stadium.

New Delhi: 


  1. Rahul Gandhi described notes ban as "worst decision" of India's history
  2. 'Achche Din' will be here when Congress comes back to power: Rahul Gandhi
  3. Rahul Gandhi was attending a Congress meet at Delhi's Talkatora Stadium
"Mitron," said Rahul Gandhi in one of the many jibes he took at Prime Minister Narendra Modi in two speeches he made at a day-long meeting of his Congress party, delivering another scathing assessment of the BJP government's notes ban. His parting shot, "The UP elections will be a lot of fun."

Rahul Gandhi's closing speech wrapped up a day that saw top Congress leaders attack the Modi government. "Like a magician, he said, 'Mitron put your hands in your pocket.' People did as he said...and then he said, 'the money in your pockets are now just pieces of paper,'" Mr Gandhi said, referring to PM Modi's announcement in November of a ban on 500 and 1000 rupee notes in an address to the nation peppered with the salutation "mitron" or friends.  

Cheered by workers and leaders of his party, Mr Gandhi used another term made famous by PM Modi to attack him when he said, "People keep asking when will Acche Din come. They will come only when the Congress comes back to power in 2019."  

He described demonetisation as the "worst decision" of India's history and accused PM Modi and the BJP of weakening institutions built over the years. "For the first time India's Prime Minister is being ridiculed the world over...never before every single economist of any repute said that the Prime Minister has taken an ill-conceived decision," Mr Gandhi said adding that, "The notes ban was a personal decision of Modi ji that was forced upon the RBI."

The BJP's Shahnawaz Hussein dismissed Mr Gandhi's attack saying no one is listening. "He brings PM's name to create his own importance...Rahul Gandhi does per time politics. However he must know that people are with PM Narendra Modi. People have rejected the Congress," the BJP leader said. The BJP says its gains in elections held after the notes ban shows the people support the move, aimed at uprooting corruption and black money.

In recent weeks, Rahul Gandhi has led an opposition charge against the government's decision and its impact on people amid a severe cash crunch. His next big test is elections next month in five states including Uttar Pradesh.

The 46-year-old has been steering the party with his mother and party president Sonia Gandhi unwell. Mrs Gandhi did not attend the day-long event at the Talkatora Sports Stadium in Delhi today.

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