Men on Pakistani Boat Could Have Used Any Method to Commit Suicide: Manohar Parrikar

Men on Pakistani Boat Could Have Used Any Method to Commit Suicide: Manohar Parrikar

The Pakistani boat blew up off the coast of Gujarat on Decmber 31.

New Delhi:  Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has clarified that he never stated that crew members of the Pakistani boat, which blew up off the coast of Gujarat on December 31, might have consumed cyanide pills.

"I said that they could have used any method to commit suicide. Immolation is not necessary, because some people were saying that they burnt themselves, they can even consume poison," he said.

Usually, he said, terrorists carried cyanide capsules and in this case too it could have been so.

In a blunt message to Pakistan, he also warned that India will take "proactive steps" to deal with the proxy war by that country.

He also made it clear that for any dialogue to take place, Pakistan should first stop ceasefire violation and intrusion of terrorists.

"On proxy war, the government is very clear about what is happening. We have taken a stand and though I will not like to tell you what is the exact action we are will be able to see the difference in six months in actual figures," he told a press conference here.

"One difference is already visible because this year the number of terrorists neutralised is about almost 65 per cent, 70 per cent more than that last year," he said.

Parrikar said, "We want peace with our neighbours, but if there is an attempt for proxy war, we will take some proactive steps. What kind of proactive steps cannot be revealed in a press conference. But, I can assure you that we will ensure that enemy doesn't show any interest in proxy war or the interest comes down".

To a question on holding a dialogue with Pakistan, the Defence Minister said, "India's position is very clear. The stand taken by the Ministry of External Affairs is clear. If any dialogue has to be done with Pakistan, they should first stop ceasefire violation and intrusion of terrorists."

He said, "If it does not stop, then dialogue alone will not bring a solution. That should be very clear, intention expressed should be reflected in performance and delivery on the ground."

Mr Parrikar said, "If your enemies are doing something then you can do only one thing, and, that is to give a reply. We have started replying. Ceasefire violation has increased a bit on the international border, but has declined on the Line of Control".

"If you see the statistics, there is a huge difference, but when it happened we replied to them with much more emphasis and determination," he said.

The Defence Minister said certain exercises were on to put enough pressure across the border.

"My work is that on Kashmir border where the army is positioned. If there is any infiltration, a befitting reply should be given. We will definitely ensure that the country's borders do not remain a place for infiltrators. That much I can guarantee," he said.

To a question about China, he said, "Sab cheezey theek honi chahiye, sab logon ko theek karna chahiye aisa nahi hai (everything should be correct, but it is not that everyone has to be corrected)."

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