Highlights: Narendra Modi addresses public meeting in Pune

Pune:  After taking over as the chief of the Bharatiya Janata Party's 2014 election campaign chief, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is holding his first public meeting in Pune, Maharashtra. Earlier in the day, Mr Modi addressed students at Pune's Fergusson College where he spoke on education and development. (Read)

Here are the highlights of his speech:

  • Pune is a land which has inspired fight against British.
  • Pune has always fought against invasions and foreign powers.
  • Lokmanya Tilak from Pune took on the Britishers
  • Tilak gave the slogan - Swaraj is my birthright
  • Lok Manya Tilak said 'Swaraj mera adhikar hai'; once again Pune is saying 'Suraaj hamara adhikar hai'. We have found self-rule but not good rule.
  • In the last 60 years, Congress has taken people for granted. 
  • The Congress' 60-year rule is at the root of the problems being faced by the country today
  • They follow vote-bank politics and have utter disregard for the public
  • Once they gain power, they forget the people
  • When India achieved Independence, that time one Indian rupee was equivalent to one US dollar. Today, the Indian rupee is on a free fall.
  • Even a great economist like our Prime Minister cannot prevent the free fall of the rupee
  • Anybody who joins the Congress treads the path of destruction and takes the country along
  • Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka - their currencies are more stable in comparison to India
  • What is the reason behind the free fall of the rupee? It is because the Congress is neck-deep in corruption
  • What happened to the Garibi Hatao Aandolan? Congress must explain
  • Congress does not even have a drop of shame
  • I want to ask the Delhi government - during the Parliament session, why did you introduce an ordinance instead of bringing in the Food Security itself? Why? It is because of a trust deficit between the Congress and its allies in the UPA.
  • The Congress wants to take the full credit for the Food Security Bill.
  • Govt may not be able to provide food to the poor but it has decided to provide the poor a piece of a paper called Food Security Bill.
  • On food security: Why doesn't the government have confidence in Parliament? The country needs action not acts. 
  • Congress had promised to bring down inflation in 100 days but that did not happen. Inflation actually increased.
  • Isn't the government accountable and answerable to the country?
  • The Congress has been in power for nine years and the poor have only gotten poorer.
  • Did the PM or the UPA chairperson ever admit to their failure in improving the economy and try to win the confidence of the public?
  • The foodgrain that's rotting could have been distributed amongst the poor. But instead, the government sold it to liquor manufacturers just for 65 paise
  • The Commonwealth Games was another big dent on the UPA government. Yet, they remain unaffected
  • Congress be warned, the youth of the nation understands what you've done. It will never forgive you.
  • Your game of cards is going to collapse soon.
  • Whenever the Congress government is faced by trouble, they never address the nation. They remain mute.
  • They hide behind the veil of secularism whenever faced with tough questions on national security.
  • The Congress party will not be able to do so anymore. It will not be able to keep the poor hungry, or keep the youth unemployed in the name of secularism.
  • I challenge the government at the Centre: Compare NDA's six years and UPA's 10 years.
  • Let's compare the value of rupee during Vajpayee and value of rupee during Manmohan Singh.
  • Atalji's sarkar (government) was far greater than that of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
  • The Congress and its allies needs to be thrown out
  • Why is Pune regularly targeted by the terrorists? Why is the government silent on terror attacks?
  • The need of the hour is throwing Congress out and Maharashtra will not lag behind in this effort
  • I salute the land of Phule and Tilak

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