Manmohan Singh not allowed to speak in Delhi, says Narendra Modi

Manmohan Singh not allowed to speak in Delhi, says Narendra Modi
New DelhiNarendra Modi, campaigning in election-bound Karnataka today aimed a volley of sharp words at the UPA government, slamming it for not being able to secure the release of Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh before he died.
He said at a rally, "There was a need to put pressure on Pakistan. But the government in Delhi left the entire matter on his family," adding, "Sarabjit's sister cried for help to rescue her brother, but the government in Delhi did not show its power. It did not show even its diplomatic power. And, the main reason for that is that there is a weak government in Delhi."
In the same speech the Gujarat Chief Minister taunted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh saying, "You are fortunate that he at least came and spoke. In Delhi, the poor man is not allowed to speak anything."
Dr Singh had campaigned earlier this week in Karnataka, which will vote for a new assembly on Sunday next.
On Twitter, Mr Modi kept up the onslaught with regular tweets through the day against the government on Sarabjit Singh's death and other issues. 
"Centre is unable to give a strong answer to Pakistan's inhuman acts. Beheading of our soldiers & now Sarabjit's death are 2 recent examples," he tweeted and adding, "Both, the Government of India & Government of Pakistan have misled people on Sarabjit Singh issue. The truth on this issue must come out."
He also hit out at the Congress for having been upset at a minister in the Kerala government it leads meeting him on a recent visit also displaying his skill with 140 characters, when he linked it to today's sentiment in the same tweet. "Political untouchability is in nature of Congress. Ministers meeting other CMs are questioned & Pakistan leaders are served chicken biryani!" he tweeted.
Story First Published: May 02, 2013 19:16 IST

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