President dissolves 14th LS with immediate effect

President dissolves 14th LS with immediate effect

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New Delhi:  President Pratibha Patil has dissolved the 14th Lok Sabha with immediate effect. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh earlier on Monday submitted resignation of his Council of Ministers to the President.

Meanwhile, as the 15th Lok Sabha is set to open in just a few days from now and ahead of that, the Cabinet held its last meeting on Monday.

The Ministers moved a resolution to dissolve the 14th Lok Sabha. They also moved a resolution of appreciation for the Prime Minister, which is not a part of the tradition.

The Cabinet Secretary is scheduled to meet the Committee of Secretaries to coordinate and monitor the formation of the Lok Sabha.

The CEC and other EC members will meet the President with the list of elected MP's on Monday evening and a communique will be issued saying the 15th Lok Sabha has been elected.

The President will then hand over the list to Speaker Somanth Chatterjee and instruct him to list a senior member as a pro-term Speaker.

In this case the pro-term Speaker is likely to be Manikrao Gavit as he is the senior most with 25 years of experience in Lok Sabha.

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