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Sonia SinghBreaking his silence on his controversial speech targeting the Muslim community allegedly made during an election rally in Pilibhit on March 6, BJP leader Varun Gandhi said he was a Gandhian and the CD of his speech had been tampered with.

With his alleged comments drawing flak from within and outside the party, an unapologetic Varun Gandhi refuted the charge of making such statements and said he was strongly committed to the ideals of secularism.

The BJP, which was preparing to pit Varun the great-grandson of Jawahar Lal Nehru, against his cousin Rahul Gandhi of the Congress, is now trying to save face.

Should Varun Gandhi be banned from contesting elections? Or should he be let off with a stern warning?

While the Congress has termed the young Gandhi’s comments as an assault on secularism, can the party claim itself as being free of any such leaders who make communal speeches?

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