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NDTV Prime

One of the most exciting NDTV ventures, the recently launched 2-IN-1 channel, NDTV Profit, in a fresh association with The National Stock Exchange of India will operate from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays and will offer viewers in-depth and credible business news and analysis during market hours. Well watched for its vast coverage of the daily stock market action NDTV Profit has established benchmarks for simple, clear and transparent reporting in the world of business.

From 5 pm and on week-ends, the channel will sport a brand new avatar. NDTV Prime is targeted at the 25+ urban male and will offer an interesting blend of ‘specialty bands', which will showcase through the week across genres such as Technology, Auto, Property, Education & Careers, Entertainment and Comedy. Among the Big Ticket shows on Prime is - ‘Videocon d2h Ticket To Bollywood', a reality show which will give the two lucky winners an opportunity to star in a Bollywood movie. This new concept, with two prime times, changes many of the traditional views on what Prime time viewership is all about.

Key Programmes

Opening Fire - NDTV Profit sets you up for the business day with Opening Fire. The show kicks off with lively, analytical debate ahead of market opening. Once the markets open, the show shifts gears to focus on business news, corporate profit analysis, stocks below the radar and market trends.

Power Lunch - The biggest names in business and politics, intelligent debate and detailed stock market analysis - Power Lunch is a 'one stop shop' for every investor. Premier political and financial journalists from the NDTV Group bring their most important stories to Power Lunch.

The Car and Bike Show- As the name suggests, the show keeps viewers abreast of the latest goings-on and trends in the global and international automobile world. It features reviews of the latest launched car and bike models, covers a diverse range of markets, including the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Nigeria, Sudan and Malaysia, and drives back interesting international viewpoints from the world's top motor events like Geneva, Paris and Tokyo.

The Property Show - For the first time in India, NDTV Profit and PropEquity, a premier Business Intelligence organisation, guide viewers where to buy, when to sell and how to invest in property, through scientifically researched analysis. The show is an hour of daily coverage of all that's real estate, offering expert advice to viewers on all property related matters, explaining the intricacies of buying, selling and investing in property through live call-ins, debates and discussion. Anchored by Manisha Natarajan, the show also has a segment featuring legal, financial and construction advice from architects and designers on how to upgrade homes and offices. In addition NDTV and Radio City 91.1FM have recently partnered to air NDTV's ‘The Property Show' exclusively for Radio City listeners. As a part of a first-of-its-kind alliance, The Property Show on Radio City will be aired weekly and will give listeners the best from the world of Real Estate while they're on the go.

Key Personnel & Anchors

AUNINDYO CHAKRAVARTY - Senior Managing Editor,Aunindyo Chakravarty takes on the responsibility of heading NDTV Profit as well as NDTV India. Aunindyo was part of the original team that launched NDTV Profit and took it to No.1 in its second week when he helped set up the network's business news channel. He has been an integral part of the channel and has a self-confessed umbilical tie with it. He worked with the Channel's very talented team to restore it to a leadership position. Aunindyo started off as a political and business reporter in 1999 and has worked in every editorial department - research, news desk and anchoring at NDTV.

SIDDHARTH VINAYAK PATANKAR - Siddharth Vinayak Patankar is currently Editor - Auto and Head of Automobile Programming with the NDTV Group and anchor of 'The Car & Bike Show' . With over a decade of experience in the industry, Siddharth is also an active business correspondent, and primetime news anchor on the NDTV network. With a wide network of global relationships, Siddharth has delivered a slew of exclusive reports & key interviews - Renault-Nissan's Carlos Ghosn, Toyota's Katsuaki Watanabe, and GM's Rick Wagoner, to name a few.

VICHITRA SALOTRA - has been associated with NDTV for over a decade. She was part of the original launch team of NDTV’s business channel and has since been the backbone of its news operations. She has the experience of producing over 12,000 hours of LIVE news broadcast. Vichitra is known as the voice in the ear of every business anchor in NDTV. She has been the supervising editorial in-charge of all major news coverage on the channel including The Lehman Collapse, 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks, 2009 & 2014 Parliamentary Elections, Yearly World Economic Forum in Davos, Union Budgets and many more. A true passionate broadcast professional, Vichitra in addition to her solid editorial understanding has a very strong hold over every technical aspect of news production. She has also been a reporter on special corporate business stories, conducted LIVE interviews and scripted many business documentary shows. Vichitra is currently the Senior Executive Editor-NDTV Profit and manages all day to day operations of the channel.

ANISHA NAYAR DHAWAN - Anisha Nayar Dhawan currently anchors ‘Power Lunch' on NDTV Profit. Her repertoire includes anchoring live market shows like 'Buy or Sell' . With over a decade of experience in TV News, Anisha has previously worked with Sahara TV USA, Headlines Today, DD News and ANI TV. Anisha has a Bachelors in Economics from LSR and a PG Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communications.

RAJIV MAKHNI - Rajiv Makhni is India's Tech Guru and hosts multiple TV shows on Technology, Quizzing and Lifestyle. He is Consulting Editor for Technology at NDTV and is also a multiple award-winning columnist. Rajiv writes for major publications like Hindustan Times, HT Brunch, GQ, Outlook and many others. He was a successful model and an entrepreneur and is currently writing a book, which, surprisingly, is not on technology.

NATASHA JOG - Senior Anchor and Senior Editor - Special Programming has handled a wide range of responsibilities in her 14 years with NDTV. From reporting and anchoring to managing bulletins and overseeing several teams, Natasha has been involved in a wide range of programming. She has anchored extensively, from daily news shows and debates to special programming on key issues and challenges facing India today. Nation Today, the award winner India 60 Minute Verdict, India This Week and Prime Time are some of the many shows driven and anchored by her. Now, working extensively with NDTV Prime, where she's in charge of the Education and Careers Programming, Natasha anchors a daily show, Heads-Up, the only programme of its kind in the country, getting you the voice of India's young, unplugged.


EDUCATION at 6:30 pm -

Mindspace - What course to take up and where? How to get that dream job you've been eyeing? Course or Career, whatever your concern, NDTV Prime Mindspace will try and address it, bringing you all that you need to know to stay ahead of the pack. Tune in everyday on NDTV Prime.

Property At 7 pm - The Property Show & Property India - NDTV Profit-Prime has tied up with Liases Foras, a non-brokerage, realty research and analytics firm, to guide viewers where to buy, when to sell and how to invest in property, through scientifically researched analysis. The shows are an hour coverage of all that's real estate, offering expert advice to viewers on all property related matters, explaining the intricacies of buying, selling and investing in property through live call-ins, debates and discussion. The Property Show is anchored by Anjilee Istwal every Monday to Sunday. These shows also feature legal, financial and construction advice from architects and designers on how to upgrade homes and offices.

TECH at 8:00 pm-
Unboxed - Is the ultimate technology-buying guide on NDTV Prime, where the best tech experts in the country have been brought together to answer your queries.

How To - On Tuesdays NDTV Prime brings the show that takes life by the scruff of its neck and teaches you how to deal with the most perplexing and frustrating things life throws at you.

The Contrarian - Every story has two sides. On Wednesdays watch NDTV Prime for the side that the world desperately wants to believe in and the side that nobody wants to see. Welcome to the dark side.

Perfect Body Built By Tech - Tells us how to stop yourself from making the mistakes that everyone makes in the gym and how to eat and sleep right to develop the perfect body. Watch this NDTV Prime show on Thursdays.

Byte Me - The biggest tech stories reported, analysed and dissected by the best tech writers, columnists and journalists in the country and across the world can be seen on NDTV Prime each Friday.

AUTO at 8:30 pm -
The Car & Bike Show Prime Edition - This show has been India's number one automobile based programme for over 10 years. Every Monday catch the latest products, industry news, global motor shows and much more right here with Siddharth Vinayak Patankar.

Follow the Star - On Tuesdays tap into your wanderlust with us on this show that explores India's highways, and brings you hidden gems along the way. Meet interesting people, and get inspired to hit the road yourself - to explore, exhilarate and enthrall.

Mobil1 The Grid - Features global motorports action, brought to your screens every Wednesday! The Grid transports you onto the track, and gets you the nail-biting action, complete with insider information, behind-the-scenes details and the people who make it all possible.

Volvo XC Adventure - 12 contestants, paired up into 6 teams, will each drive a premium SUV through the wilderness. Their tasks will be varied, but the aim will be just one - to win. Each task and each step will take them closer to the grand prize. Watch this excitement every Thursday.

The Getaway - It's the weekend, and you know you're itching to escape! We have the perfect destination and route that will take you into a much needed getaway to recharge, relax and refresh yourself. Every Friday you can take your loved ones along for the ride too.

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