Mass shooting at US Gurudwara: Seven reported killed, including shooter

Oak Creek, Wisconsin:  A mass shooting at a Gurudwara outside of Milwaukee in Wisconsin left seven people dead, including the shooter.
Here are the top 10 developments in this case:
  1. Six people have been killed along with a shooter, at a Gurudwara in Wisconsin. Four people died inside the Gurudwara, the others were killed outside. (See Pictures)
  2. A 911 call was received from within the Gurudwara at 10:20 am (local time) and a police officer responded. He exchanged several rounds of fire with the gunman outside the Gurudwara. The shooter is dead; the policeman, who has been in service for 20 years, was injured and is in hospital. He is expected to survive. (Tweets on Gurudwara shooting)
  3. The police, who have been extremely cautious about releasing details on the incident, say that no additional gunmen have been identified in or around the temple, but added that the situation is "fluid." Tactical sweeping operations are reportedly on in the 17,000 square feet Gurudwara are on.  
  4. CNN is reporting three people in critical condition in hospital, at least one of them was shot in the face. Those injured are all reported to be men. (International media on Gurudwara shooting
  5. According to reports, a witness told officers that the shooter was a white male, with a heavy build, bald head and wearing a sleeveless T-shirt.
  6. It's not clear yet how many people were inside the Gurudwara when the shooting took place. There was a function on. There were also children inside the Gurudwara for "language lessons" which begin at 11.30 am.
  7. Relatives of those inside the Gurudwara said they had been told that women and children were hiding in closets.
  8. Sukhwindar Nagr of Racine, says he called his brother-in-law's phone and a priest at the temple answered. Nagr says the priest told him that his brother-in-law had been shot, along with three priests.
  9. Oak Creek is south of Milwaukee along Lake Michigan. Worshippers say on most afternoons, 300-400 people would gather. The shooting took place before the crowd swelled to that size.
  10. An official from the Indian consulate in Chicago is headed to Wisconsin. Foreign Minister SM Krishna is in touch with the Indian embassy in the US.

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