Participate and win the Mission Energy Challenge

Are you an individual, organization or a commercial establishment? Whether it is your household or you have a school, own a company or commercial property, run an NGO or belong to a government organization – take part in the Mission Energy Challenge.

Aim of the activity:
We are looking for 100 participants who are keen to take the pledge.

The participants will have to cut down their energy consumption by 10%. Our experts, knowledge and implementation partners will guide the participants to achieve the target.

Who will win?
Those who manage to meet the target, win the Mission Energy Challenge.

Be a winner and make a difference.

Aim of the Campaign

The campaign aims to highlight the power of an individual because we believe that the power to make a difference lies in our hands. It's all about ME.

The campaign's programming will shine a spotlight on India's energy challenges and the increasing importance of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency & Conservation. We will bring to the fore our country's greatest minds and leading experts to raise awareness about these issues that affect each one of us and to help chart out a roadmap to a sustainable future.

We hope that the Mission Energy challenge, one of the biggest components of the campaign, will highlight viable solutions that we can adopt, both at an individual level as well as across the country, and inspire the people to join us to work towards a cleaner, greener future.