News Flash Woman student at West Bengal's Visva Bharati University in Santiniketan alleges harassment, extortion by seniors Share on:
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India Seeks Justice For Delhi Braveheart

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Talking Points

    All rape cases to be handled by women officers and constables.

    FIRs in complaints of rape must be registered immediately.

    Rape cases must be tried in fast track courts & finished in 100 days or less.

    Doctors, assistants in hospitals, health centres must be trained to deal with rape victims.

    It must be made mandatory for police personnel to take rape victims for medical care.

    Rape accused should not be allowed to stand for elections or any public office.

    A public website should be set up which has details of rape accused.

    Rape to be treated as the most heinous of crimes. Sentencing must also be treated accordingly.

    Easily accessible rehabilitation and counseling centers for rape survivors be set up all over the country.

    Molestation, sexual harassment, eve teasing should be treated as severe crimes against women. Punishment for these should be no less than 5 yrs.

    Govt employees accused of rape should be suspended. If convicted, dismissed from service immediately.

    Private companies, corporates also encouraged to follow the same.