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UN General Assembly adopts resolution on happiness

UN General Assembly adopts resolution on happiness

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

New York:  The UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution on happiness. It said happiness was critical in advancing economic growth and social progress, Xinhua reported.

Calling the "pursuit of happiness" a "fundamental human goal," the resolution recognised that it was a universal goal in the spirit of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

The resolution called on a "balanced approach" to economic growth that can lead to sustainable development, poverty eradication, happiness and well-being of the planet.

It also invited the world body to "pursue the elaboration of additional measures that better capture the importance of the pursuit of happiness and well-being in development with a view to guiding public policies".

Lhatu Wangchuk, Bhutan's ambassador to the UN, whose country was a co-sponsor of the resolution, said it was "inspired by the belief that we need to begin discussing a topic whose moment has come, at the UN".

He said Bhutan has offered to convene a panel discussion on the theme of happiness and well-being at the next session of the General Assembly to be held in September.

Story First Published: July 20, 2011 09:55 IST

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