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Man spends last 500 pounds on ad asking for job

Man spends last 500 pounds on ad asking for job
London:  An unemployed Briton has spent his last 500 pounds putting up a billboard that features an ad asking for a job in the media industry.

Adam Pacitti, 24, is yet to find work despite a first-class degree in media production from Winchester University. He has sent countless job applications but is yet to find employment, The Sun reported.

So he launched an ambitious effort with a huge hoarding in London's trendy Shoreditch area. He has also put up a video at

This is not the first time that Adam has made headlines.

In 2009, he found himself in the news after posting online a sketch of a girl he had dreamed about.

He created a website called "The Girl of My Dreams" and then posted a funny pen-sketch in the hope of finding his ideal woman.

His search was unsuccessful, but he ended up being flown to the US for TV and newspaper interviews.

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