LTTE shot fleeing civilians, says top Tiger leader

LTTE shot fleeing civilians, says top Tiger leader
Colombo, New Delhi: 

The confessions of two top LTTE leaders - Daya Master, the former media coordinator, and George Master, a translator for an LTTE strategist, were broadcast for the first time on Sri Lanka's state run television network.

Their confessions have confirmed the worst fears of many - the massacre of innocent civilians by the LTTE.

The two former LTTE leaders, who surrendered in April to the Sri Lankan Army, also confirmed that the Tamil Tigers were holding civilians hostage.

"LTTE stopped people from leaving, but the strong managed to escape. The LTTE killed many fleeing civilians," said George Master.

But ironically, as Prabhakaran's war crimes are revealed to the world by two of his own aides, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram says India does not wish Prabhakaran ill.

Speaking to NDTV in an exclusive interview, Chidambaram also appealed to him to lay down arms and negotiate.

"We have obligation to Tamil people. We don't wish Prabhakaran ill. We want welfare of Lankan Tamils and we appeal to Prabhakaran to surrender. We appeal to LTTE to lay down arms," said Chidambaram.

However the big question now is where Tiger chief Prabhakaran is and will he be caught alive. Never, says someone who has known him closely.

Speaking to NDTV, Col Karuna has said that Prabhakaran will never be caught alive.

Karuna was Prabhakaran's bodyguard, rising to become his second in command. But he left the LTTE when Prabhakaran refused to accept a peace deal in 2003. Because of the split, the LTTE lost almost one-third the territory it held through him. Now he is a government minister, in-charge of National Integration.

Story First Published: April 29, 2009 08:33 IST

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