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Flight diverted to Lahore to drop airline officer's daughter: report

Islamabad:  A Pakistan International Airlines flight going from Karachi to Islamabad was diverted to Lahore so that an airline employee's daughter could get off, according to media reports today.

Passengers on Flight PK-562 of the state-run carrier were given various reasons for the unscheduled landing at Lahore.

Initially they were informed that the aircraft was landing due to technical reasons.

When the passengers began protesting, they were told the aircraft had landed to be refuelled as there was no fuel in Islamabad.

However, passengers on board the flight told Geo News channel that the aircraft had landed in Lahore so that PIA Captain Tariq Javed's daughter could get off.

They said they had seen the girl getting off the plane. The aircraft resumed its journey after a protest by the passengers.

The loss-making PIA has been criticised by the public and lawmakers for numerous delays and cancellations of its flights in recent years.

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