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Bulgarian throws tomato at parliament, faces imprisonment

Moscow:  A perennial Bulgarian dissident faces up to two years of imprisonment for throwing a tomato at the parliament building in protest against rampant corruption, Sofia News Agency reported.

Nikolai Kolev, 61, also known as "Bosiya" (The Barefooted), recently sent a letter to Parliament, the President, Prime Minister, the Supreme Judicial Council, and the Bulgarian National Television and Radio, threatening to throw tomatoes at their buildings as he held them responsible for the widespread corruption, crime and lack of media freedom in Bulgaria.

Mr Kolev had specified the date and time of his "tomato assault" -- 10 am on Tuesday.

"I can no longer remain a hostage to hope and good manners. Go to hell!" the letter ends.

Mr Kolev was met by some 40 police officers as he approached his first target. He was arrested after throwing the first tomato.

Mr Kolev was imprisoned several times during the communist regime in Bulgaria (1944-1989) for opposing the communist dictatorship.

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